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    [We are Woman]

    Thierry Smits / Cie Thor

    From the football locker room to the Witches' Sabbath, from dreary uniform to unbridled diversity, embark on a fun and liberating journey, where a group of men, first enclosed by stereotypes of masculinity, find their way out, in a quest for femininity.

    The thinkers of “gender theory" that provokes so much opposition today among traditionalists and reactionaries, have profoundly changed our idea of ​​the human being. We are no longer women and men, in the same sense, and we have learned that, in between, there are multiple nuances and possibilities.

    Thierry Smits new creation explores this path, with a group of 11 dancers - the same dancers that created Anima Ardens. Beginning in a setting, most characterised with manhood - football - they gradually strip back the gestures and trappings of masculinity to explore a "becoming a woman".

    It is not a matter of playing with the artifices of the transvestite, but for everyone to find the woman inside; to invent one's female double. Within the concept of feminity, Smits explores more particularly the transgressive image of the witch, a fantasy invented at the dawn of capitalism to enslave women, in a movement that transforms the stage - from prosaic to ritual, from locker room to totem pole - and also the functions of the bodies.

    Moving forwards, today, feminity is synonymous with the care and consideration of others - without being patronizing. To a male dancer, it means creating an imaginary body: with new hip movements and different twitches, without the external genital system, with menstruations, able to become pregnant and to breastfeed. In terms of mobility, it is about finding tone and endurance in other parts of the body and mind. It is about working out strength to carry out the porté but also about dancing with abandon to get carried away.

    If we need to assume what makes stereotypes interesting: going from the "stronger" sex to the fairer sex, named "beautiful" in French, is abandoning an ideal of power in favour of aesthetic value, rejecting war in favour of art.

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