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    Sang de Chêne © Stephen Sack

Sang de chêne


A ‘danced tale’ about ecology – physical, mental, and political - inspired by the myth of the Holy Grail, in the vein of the early-twentieth-century Russian choreodramas.  The ‘choreographic characters’ (the king, the queen, Perceval, Bohort, and Galahad) dance to a deliberately narrative sound track.  The story:  The queen is offended while attending a feast, loses interest in dancing, and the kingdom becomes barren.  The king is powerless and calls upon three knights who set off on three different quests, fight a dragon, and finally, uniting their efforts, get the queen to dance again.  Her dance resuscitates the king and their kingdom.

The choreographic language is an eclectic mixture of pantomime-like gesturing, classical ballet, steps of Celtic folk inspiration, and contemporary fracture.



Première 24/02/1993=>01/03/1993 Palais des Beaux-Arts Charleroi
03/03/1993=>06/03/1993 Théâtre de la Balsamine Bruxelles
13/03/1993 De Werf Aalst
26, 27/03/1993 Centre Wallonie Bruxelles Paris (FR)

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