V.-Nightmares / TAN


As a four-fold imagery, V.-Nightmares spreads its creation over a whole year in an ongoing study of the cycles of seasons and of life. A life of moving scenes and multiple aesthetic confrontations, where the seasons explore the borders between dance and performance, each in their own way and as counteract to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

The summer, with TAN, dislocates social ties under the burning sun. This season of mass tourism dries slowly with the increase of apocalyptic sun, leaving behind only sand and dust.



V-Nightmares continues the course under the searing, pure burning of TAN – passionate, devouring, pyrotechnic summer.

La Libre Belgique, M. Baudet, 9/11/07

The over-amplified score, the dark setting and the change in costume- from nudity, the dancers are dressed in tan, their faces covered like astronauts or prisoners- makes TAN a far more serious act. Imitating satellites, solar flares and as alienated as the cast of 2001, they move towards a spinning, burning sun, caught in G-force and are cast about the stage by Vivaldi’s splenetic thrust... Following the chatty bonhomie of Fluid Mechanics, the silence of TAN is awesome: part voyage of scientific discovery, part pilgrimage, Smits fulfils the programme’s promise to ‘explore the ambiguity between the sacred and corporealness’. TAN closes on a majestic note, identifying the connection between the process of dance and the challenges of scientific and spiritual discipline. The heat of Summer represents not lazy days and picnics, but the rigour of survival in a harsh environment: not the gracious haze of a British August, but the scorching horror of desert or deep space.

Glasgow, Tramway, by Gareth K Vile, February 2007





Première 15/09/2007 CNCDC ChateauVallon Ollioules (FR)
06/11/2007=>21/11/2007 Kaaitheater Bruxelles
15/12/2007 De Velinx Tongeren
08/01/2008 Stadsschouwburg Groningen Groningen (NL)
17,18/02/2008 Musiekteater Baltoppen Ballerup
22, 23/02/2008 New Territories Glasgow (UK)
02,03/06/2008 International Dance Week Festival Zagreb (CRO)
09/12/2008=>13/12/2008 Théâtre Varia Bruxelles
23/01/2009 CC Berchem Antwerpen
31/01/2009 Les Ecuries Charleroi
07/03/2009 Kortrijkseschouwburg Kortrijk
27/05/2009 Arnhemseschouwburg Arnhem (NL)

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