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    Eros Délétère © Michèle Schembri
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    Eros Délétère © Marc Ginot
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    Eros Délétère © Michèle Schembri

Eros Délétère


A rereading of the myth of Eros and Thanatos in the day of AIDS.  The first part is devoted to Eros.  The opening solo, which is based on the idea of chaos, is followed by a belly dance that punctuates the entire show.  There then follow a ‘bacchanalian dance’ and what is called the ‘orgy scene’ during which reminiscences of Ravel’s Bolero waft up for the first time.  The second part is based on Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s ‘seven stages of dying’, that is, shock, denial, rebellion, depression, bargaining, acceptance, and de-cathexis or ‘letting go’.  The piece ends with Eros’s ‘rebirth’ of sorts. 

The choreography is marked by the use of belly dancing on the one hand and the circularity and multidirectionality implied by the circular staging and in-the-round seating on the other hand.  The production has a full, pseudo-Oriental, deliberately camp and kitsch look.  The work was orginally choreographed for four dancers but was redone as a trio following Terence Troy Steiner’s departure after the first few performances.



Première  28,29/06/1991 Montpellier Danse Montpellier (FR)
01/07/1991 Théâtre le Manège/ Festival les Inattendus Maubeuge (FR)
26/09/1991=>05/10/1991 Cosmo Kino Bruxelles
18/10/1991=> 21/10/1991 Paris Paris
10,11/01/1992 Lantaren/Venster Rotterdam (NL)
06/03/1992 De Beweeging Antwerpen
21/03/1992 CC Hasselt Hasselt
03/04/1992 Stadschouwburg Kortrijk Kortrijk
04/04/1992 De Werf Aalst
08/04/1992 Vooruit Gent
10/04/1992 De Warande Turnhout
14/03/1992 De Dijk Brugge

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