V.-Nightmares / ICE


As a four-fold imagery, V.-Nightmares spreads its creation over a whole year in an ongoing study of the cycles of seasons and of life. A life of moving scenes and multiple aesthetic confrontations, where the seasons explore the borders between dance and performance, each in their own way and as counteract to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

The coda of V.-Nightmares, ICE is as white as snow. And as black as death. Wintry ice is omnipresent. It transcends the ultimate body of death into a morbid pleasure, emphasized by the violent expressionism of hot-and-cold contrast. Following an organic evolution initiated by the desires of spring, developed by the burnings of summer and then enveloped in autumn’s mortal remains, ICE finds its pleasure by working on the material itself, minimal refinement where spectrality and funereal ritual exult. This lunar winter divides its fluidity into two ceremonial movements between strength and fragility, punctuating its slowness and fulguration with beauty and alchemic discomfort. The geometrical subtlety of the whole is thus translated into a succession of performance acts, metamorphosing the four dancers into performers able to work a moving set by Peter Maschke, into shameless amateur video filmmakers following Jacques André’s instructions, into the carriers of Thomas Beni’s lights, and finally into the agents of Maxime Bodson’s sound production.




“[…] A black and white quartet at the same time intriguing and fascinating, that is, as far as we were able to see at a rehearsal. Even though a bit lengthy at times, the piece plays with time, takes its time. A succession of simple actions with a flavour of strange rituals in parallel with dance solos playing happily with the torsions/distortions of the body. The whole mixing beauty and discomfort (‘Smits oblige’, as we would be inclined to add). […] Not forgetting the two very beautiful soli by Erica Trivett, sole woman on board of this almost ghost-ship. Strength and fragility, slowness and nervousness mingle in her body with fluidity, up to a finale of crass purity, almost magnetic under the strokes of 100% Vivaldian violins.”

About ICE, OH, Zone 02, 14.02.07

“[…] The dancers are visible to the public during the entire performance. They themselves take care of the changes and movements in the beautiful set. There are a lot of technical aspects visible on stage too, such as lighting, projections and sound. The changes, often simultaneous, are interconnected. Consequently, there are continuously a lot of things to see. The interaction with the set is practically as much present as are the dance movements.Contrary to Vivaldi’s music, ‘winter’ in this performance is translated without much drama or heavy emotional load. Death, in ‘Vivaldi’s Nightmare IV: Ice’, is presented in a distant and pictorial manner. A performance with a lot of well-thought and well-set images, by the dancers as well as for the set elements.”

About ICE, Rina Sanders, cultuurpodium.nl, 08.03.07

Then at the end of the final ICE sequence, the wonderful Erica Trivett, in a pale white slip of a dress, desperately tries to continue a dance to fragments of Vivaldi's Winter movement, while men in black smear her to death with great, sooty carbon handprints.

The Scotsman, J. McMillan, 24/02/08

Then ICE (winter) is a stark slow-dying vision in which a body (the planet?) is abused and polluted. Erica Trivett's extraordinary solo is a spiralling, wrenching - finally futile - bid to survive.

The Herald - Glasgow, M. Brennan, 25/02/08



Première 22/02/2007=>24/02/2007 Théâtre de la Balsamine Bruxelles
01/03/2007 Lantaren/Venster Rotterdam (NL)
03,04/03/2007 Ludwig Forum Aachen (DE)
09/05/2007 CC Evergem Evergem
15/05/2007 Théâtre Het Vervolg/Derlontheater Maastricht (NL)
06/11/2007=>21/11/2007 Kaaitheater Bruxelles
15/12/2007 De Velinx Tongeren
08/01/2008 Stadsschouwburg Groningen Groningen (NL)
12/01/2008 CC de Meent Beersel
17,18/02/2008 Musiekteater Baltoppen Ballerup (DK)
22,23/02/2008 New Territories Glasgow (UK)
02,03/06/2008 International Dance Week Festival Zagreb (CRO)
29/08/2008 Tanzmesse Düsseldorf Düsseldorf (DE)
09/12/2008 Théâtre Varia Bruxelles
19, 20/12/2008 Théâtre de la Place Liège
23/01/2009 CC Berchem Antwerpen
31/01/2009 Les Ecuries Charleroi
07/03/2009 Kortrijkseschouburg Kortrijk
27/05/2009 Arnhemseschouwburg Arnhem (NL)

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