To the Ones I Love

Published Monday 22 November 2010 at 15:28 by Katie Colombus

There are two dancers in this performance who draw the eye, for very different reasons. One is small and bald and moves with fluid speed, refined grace and a honed skill. The other has long hair, flat-footed turn-in, vigorous dynamics and a raw power. The fact that they coexist so seamlessly in this all-male company is what makes To the Ones I Love such a pleasure to watch.

This abstract work was created as a thank you to choreographers’ friends, family and audience for their support over the last 20 years. In it Compagnie Thor combines contemporary technique, traditional structures and groupings, and conventional music with traces of African movement and capoeira.

They dance in a way that, although disciplined, is personal to each of the bodies we see on stage. Their physique is a focus point for the piece. Removing shirts and changing tops throughout the show plays a large part in the overall sense of strength and energy. Muscular torsos abound as the men move in clear solo, duet, group and trio sections, emphasising the athleticism and poetry of the male form. Moving on, around and amidst white benches to baroque music and electronic compositions, both the eye and the mind are consistently drawn back to the pure pleasure of movement and the human body.

Within the choreography there are images of passion, tenderness and charm. The lingering feeling from the show is one of vitality and individuality.

Production information

Barbican, London, November 17-20

Thierry Smits
Compagnie Thor, Bite10
Cast includes:
Fabio Aragao, Damien Chevron, Rudi Cole, Daudet Grazai
Running time:

Production information can change over the run of the show.

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