Where does one’s body stops? Where does someone’s body stops? Where do they begin and meet? Where fo they join? Where do they communicate? Where are they going? Are they listening to eachother? What does stay of them? Anita tries to experience the trace one can leave behind, this part of oneself, moving and changing, opened to the world, and which yet never leaves us.

Anita De Laforêt

Anita De Laforêt, student at ENSAV La Cambre in painting, explores the passage from presence to absence. She questions the present moment’s impact on the living and its inflexible links to the emerging cloth of the real. Through painting, installation or performance, she experiments a way back to perception, and is looking for a dialogue with the other. She notably showed her work at the Festival Trouble#10 [redux], Studio Thor, Brussels, 2019, at All in one, Kanal, Brussels, 2019, and at Observer, Plagiarama, Brussels, 2018.



2020/03/031900 03.03.2020
19:00 > 23:00
Studio Thor, Brussels


Melody Boulaert, Anita De Laforêt, Coraline Guilbeau, Gabriel Fellous, Malsy Klasen, Aurore Morillon, Édouard Pagant, Gladys Siddi, Romain Tallet, Leen Van Dommelen. Curator : Antoine Pickels.


Since several years, visual arts schools in French-Speaking Belgium dedicate part of their curriculum to live art: a response to the new dynamics of these practices in the professional field. One can see new generations of artists appearing, taking over the Belgian and international scenes of performance art, with individual or collective works, multiplying collaborations… They don’t make performance art like their elders, they invent new forms, which need new showing spaces.


ENSAV – La Cambre, Erg, Le SeptanteCinq, ARBA/ESA (ISAC), Arts2, ESAVL, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles à Paris.


The programme, coordinated by Antoine Pickels, also curator of the Trouble Festival, brings together ten young artists, recently or soon graduate from these pioneer schools: La Cambre, Erg, Le SeptanteCinq and ARBA in Brussels, Arts2 in Mons, and ESAVL in Liège… occupying for one evening all the spaces of Studio Thor. With no other theme than the assumed statement of their politic, poetic, aesthetic, ethic uniqueness. Beware of fresh air!

On tour

The same programme will be presented at Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, Paris, on March 11th

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Studio Thor

49 rue Saint-Josse

1210 Brussels


The programme is proposed in different spaces of Studio Thor (the Studio itself, the foyer, the dressing room and the basement), and also at the Infini Théâtre, up the stairs.


+32 (0)2 223 26 00