« Pinkie Ponkie » is a quirky celebration of the gay aesthetics that has inspired Thierry Smits’s creative output, and which over time have become references for everyone. It pits two men against each other on a highly camp playing field.

Creation 2023

Set to the iconic pop music of the LGTBQIA+ movements, or simply hijacking the classical repertoire, their more or less stripped back choreographies reinvent the aesthetics of an entire pantheon of iconic figures, everybody from Jean Cocteau to Lil Nas X, with nods en passant to Jean Genet, Marlene Dietrich, Robert Mapplethorpe, Gilbert & Georges, Lady Gaga, to name but some. The two protagonists make an assault on these references, without hesitating either to make fun of them or to over-sexualise them. As the acknowledged heirs of “Pink Narcisssus” and a “gaytitude” which may well be on the verge of extinction, they fuse levity and humour in order to forge a series of psychedelic visions.

To come

2024/03/21 21 > 23.03.2024
Les Brigittines, Brussels


For the In Movement Festival, Brigittines.


2024/03/21 21 > 23.03.2024 20:45 Les Brigittines Brussels


— Concept and choreography

Thierry Smits

— Assistant choreographer

Lucius Romeo-Fromm

— Dramaturgy, songs & scenes links

Antoine Pickels

— Dancers

Iúri da Silva Costa · Alessandro Sollima

— Vocal coaching

Jean Fürst & Sylvie Merck

— Lighting design & stage management

Ralf Nonn

— Sound design

Nikolas Klau


— Sound manager

Jean-François Lejeune

— Costume design

Stef Assandri

— Assistant costume designer

Carly Heathcote

— Costumer

Charlyne Misplon

— Deputy Director

Emilie Wacker

— Studio management

Brahim Sahli

— Communication

Romane Carmon


— Production assistant

Elena Frau

— Intern

Júlia Bosque

— Graphics

Kidnap Your Designer

— Media

Be Culture

— Photos

Hichem Dahes

— Teaser

Les Meutes