Thierry Smits’ latest challenge with Vanishing Act – in tandem with celebrating both his 60th birthday and nearly 40 choreographies – is to take risks alone on stage as he did at the outset of his career. With this new production he synthesizes, echoing as it were his artistic trajectory, energy and weariness, joys and bitter-sweet meditations.



Far from a “best of” narcissistic or nostalgic reruns, however, he continues to explore through a dozen danced and/or performative acts the encounter with his own body with so many minimalist devices he has extracted and recycled from his previous productions or from what has inspired them originally. Arranged as an installation of workshop materials waiting to be activated on stage, these fragments, objects, lights, costumes, form an intriguing amusement park, an “obstacle course” and source of humorous or meditative metamorphoses. Black leather bags, table on castors, coloured neon, as well as suspended microphones, mobile video screen, etc. As many “madeleines” in the Proustian sense of memory triggers, for his faithful audiences, diverted for everyBODY in new confrontational rings of the body’s impulses when confronted with the entropy that threatens them.




6 performances from 26.01 to 4.02.2023 · Studio Thor

13.10.2023 · Studio Thor, for Objectifs Danse

7, 8 & 9.06.2024 · Les Tanneurs, for TB²



2023/01/26 26.01.2023 20:30 Studio Thor Brussels
2023/01/27 27.01.2023 20:30 Studio Thor Brussels
2023/01/28 28.01.2023 20:30 Studio Thor Brussels
2023/02/02 02.02.2023 20:30 Studio Thor Brussels
2023/02/03 03.02.2023 20:30 Studio Thor Brussels
2023/02/04 04.02.2023 20:30 Studio Thor Brussels
2023/10/13 13.10.2023 11:30 Studio Thor Brussels
2024/06/07 07.06.2024 21:00 Les Tanneurs Brussels
2024/06/08 08.06.2024 21:00 Les Tanneurs Brussels
2024/06/09 09.06.2024 15:00 Les Tanneurs Brussels


— Choreography, scenography & acting

Thierry Smits

— Choreography assistant

Lucius Romeo-Fromm

— Texts

Thierry Smits & Antoine Pickels

— Lightning, accessories building and lighting engineer

Ralf Nonn

— Music, sound & sound engineer

Jean-François Lejeune

— Video creation

Jacques André

— Video engineer

Bruno Gilbert


— Costumes

Stef Assandri

— Costumes assistant

Carly Heathcote

— Dresser

Charlyne Misplon

— Vocal coach

Jean Fürst

— Whirling Dervish coach

Ziya Azazi

— Extern eye

Julie Bougard

— Administration & production

Emilie Wacker


— Logistics

Brahim Sahli

— Communication & production assistant

Romane Carmon

— Graphic design

Kidnap Your Designer

— Public reception

Léo Al Boukhari, Pema Flahaux, Prudence Henken & Joseph Henken

— Press

Be Culture

— Teaser

Les Meutes



Vanishing Act | Teaser (Les Meutes)

Vanishing Act - Thierry Smits (Stanislav Dobák)