Compagnie Thor will be back just in time for spring with a performance designed to enable us to forget for some fifty minutes all those difficult moments we’ve experienced over recent months. Created in June 2021 at Théâtre Varia, this piece was conceived in the wake of the pandemic’s traumatic experience, whose international scale is unparalleled. Notwithstanding its impact, we have all witnessed human beings’ outright determination to remain in touch with each other and to create links. And, all of this without losing sight of the desire to get together again as soon as possible.




Summertime is at once an opportunity created for us to reunite and a research project whose core themes are solar and chromatic warmth, the amplitude of movement, and the human relationships nourished by them. Here we have a choreography that reflects carefreeness and happiness, a true balm to the heart for each and every one of us.

Accustomed to contemporary creations straddling dance and performance, Thierry Smits here proposes a momentous return to a choreography focused on movement. To realize this, he has assembled a top-notch team who are not new to live performance. This piece has been created for five dancers and five musicians who come to us from both sides of Europe, bringing together seven nationalities.

Two additional elements play a crucial role: light and colour, the key scenographic elements. Musicians and dancers move around on an eye-catching white carpet, whose reflection of light contributes to creating a vibrant and radiant universe.

The radiant energy emanating from the piece is underpinned by a musical creation directly inspired by a baroque repertoire. The ancient sonorities that accompany the dancers’ bodies and movements will be interpreted by “The WIG Society Chamber Music Ensemble” quintet, while at other times enwrapped in Jean-François Lejeune’s thoroughly contemporary electronic compositions.

Co-production with Charleroi danse, La Coop asbl and Shelter Prod, Théâtre-Varia with the assistance of taxshelter.be, ING and the tax shelter of the Belgian federal government.



Next performance:

Thursday 1.02.2024

Centre Culturel de Huy

For Pays de Danse Festival

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2021/06/18 18 > 29.06.2021 Théâtre Varia  
2021/06/20 20.06.2021 Château de Seneffe Seneffe
2022/03/22 22.03.2022 Maison de la culture de Tournai Tournai
2022/03/24 24.03 > 16.04.2022 Studio Thor Brussels
2022/07/08 08 > 09.07.2022 Waux-Hall Mons
2024/02/01 01.02.2024 20:00 Centre Culturel de Huy Huy


— Choreography

Thierry Smits

— Dancers

Giada Castoni, Victoria Kennett, Nelson Reguera, Alessandro Sollima, Dries Verstreepen

— Musicians

The WIG Society Chamber Music Ensemble · 2021-22 : Elias Bartholomeus, Conor Gricmanis, Matteo Gemolo, Blanca Prieto, Lisa Schweiger · 2024 : Matteo Gemolo, Shiho Ono, Carlos Payan, Blanca Prieto, Lisa Schweiger

— Choreography assistent

Vincenzo Carta

— Costumes creation

Stef Assandri


— Costumes creation assistent and dresser

Miguel Peñaranda-Olmeda

— Sound creation and design

Jean-François Lejeune

— Lighting design and construction

Ralf Nonn

— Lighting management

· 2021-22 : Bruno Gilbert · 2024 : Ralf Nonn

— Administration and production

Emilie Wacker


— Communication

2021-22 : Zoé Chantry 2022-23 : Romane Carmon

— Production assistent

2022 : Andréa Forés 2024 : Elena Frau

— Media

Be Culture

— Graphic design

Kidnap Your Designer



Summertime | Trailer