An artists’ house in the heart of Brussels’ Saint-Josse-ten-Noode which Compagnie Thor manages, shares and uses as a space for rehearsals and performances. Equipped with the necessary facilities for workshops, work sessions, or performances, the space is available upon request.

A versatile tool

This studio on the ground floor of the Maison des artistes in Saint-Josse, which was made available by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, covers a surface area of more than 300m². Since 2006, Thierry Smits has been preparing and rehearsing all his creations here, while dancers and all those involved enjoy the comfort necessary for lengthy rehearsal sessions: changing rooms, showers and relaxation areas. Fully equipped with a professional sound and light system, it can be transformed into a performance space through the use of tiers on which 110 seats for the public can be installed.

Depending on the occasion, the multi-facetted spacious entrance hall can be used as a meeting room, a refectory or even as a cosy bar. The wide-ranging themes for Thor’s productions afford the opportunity to regularly change the decor, by appealing  to visual artists for new propositions. Thus, since October 2020, visitors have been able to admire the “Climax” fresco, inspired by Toumaï and created by the Belgian painter Charlotte Beaudry.


Access :

Métro ligne 2 et 6 MADOU

Bus Arrêt Saint Josse ligne 29, 63, 59, 318, 351, 358

Villo ! 59 Place Saint Josse1210 Saint Josse ten Noode

Cambio Madou, Av Astronomie 21-23, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode

Cambio Gutenberg, Square Gutenberge 5, 1000 Bruxelles

Parking BePark Madou, Rue du Vallon 16, 1210 Saint Josse ten Noode




Alternating with companys production and performance schedules, the studio can be shared as a residency space for professionals working in the performing arts.

From summer 2022 on, we will be offering residency opportunities in various formats in order to support compelling artistic submissions. The residencies will target theatre and dance companies, as well as professional artists based in Europe.

Studio Space:

With its surface area of some 340m², this rehearsal space will be made available to all successful candidates for the residency program; equipped with a complete sound and lighting system, it can also be converted into a functioning performance stage. This genuine living space also includes a cloakroom, showers, and a refectory with kitchen facilities.

This fully equipped space with a professional sound and lighting system can be transformed into a performance space by installing bleachers that can seat up to 104 spectators.

The multi-purpose vast entrance hall can also be used as a meeting room, a refectory, even as a cozy bar depending on the occasion and the event.

For additional information:

Residencies 2023

1 > 6.05.2023

Fanny Brouyaux | TOO MOVED TO TALK




9 > 20.05.2023

Ophir Kunesch


As part of the 1|2|3 Suzanne Dellal Centre’s program


22.05 > 28.05.2023

Hippolyte Bohouo | BoG’Arts

Saturation (working title)


29.05 > 3.06.2023

Benjamin Kahn

The Blue Hour


12.06 > 22.06.2023

Sarah Deppe & Maureen Bator | Collectif LA 360

Pillow Safety


14 > 28.07.2023

Rakesh Sukesh

Because I love the Diversity (micro-attitude, we hall have it)


9 > 14.08.2023

Maria Clara Villa Lobos | XL Production

Sa vie



28.08 > 8.09.2023

Avshalom Latucha

As part of the 1|2|3 Suzanne Dellal Centre’s program


11 > 15.09.2023

Mauro Paccagnella | Wooshing Machine

Ma l’amor mio non muore



30.10 > 3.11.2023

Meytal Blanaru

Dark Horse



Throughout the resident’s creative process, Studio Thor’s team will shoot both stills and videos in order to communicate across the various social networks, as well as on the website how the studio is being used; this documentation will also be shared with the residents.

Those participating in the residency program undertake to prepare a public presentation open to the general public and professionals alike, insofar as the progress of the project allows.

Other provisions

15 > 23.08.2023

Salvatore Calcagno


Le Studio Thor met à disposition son lieu avec l’ensemble de l’infrastructure qu’il contient pour différentes activités, pratiques, représentations artistiques liées ou non à la danse.


Studio Thor offers its space for a broad spectrum of activities, practices, artistic performances which might or might not be related to dance.

For any enquires you may have, please contact:



Hall of Fame

Alksandar Georgiev, Anastasia Guevel, Anita de Laforêt, Anita Wach, Anna Jalving and Karl, Antoine Pickels, Arkadi Zaides, Ayelen Parolin, Cassiel Gaube, Collectif HOEK, Douglas Becker, Emeric Rabot, Erika Zueneli, Eve Bonneau, Fatou Traore, Felicette Chazerand, Guillaume Le boisselier, Ilyas Mettioui, Isabelle Bats, Ivan Fatjo, Jose Brespovany, Julie Bougard, Leslie Mannès, Malika Fankha, Mathias Varenne, Michèle Noiret, Nicolas Galeazzi,Olga de Soto, Pâle Mâle, Pieter Ampe, Pietro Marullo, Playfight, Salvatore Calcagno, Salzbourg Experimental Academy of Dance, Sélène, Taneli Törmä, Tomas Danielis, Vincenco Carta, Xana Novais, Zoé Janssens