“There was room for a good deal of the new teenage consumer culture within the ‘culture of the bedroom’—experimenting with make-up, listening to records, reading the mags, sizing up the boyfriends, chatting, jiving: it depended, rather, on some access by girls to room and space within (rather than outside) the home.”

This performance combines readings of English-language poems about breakups, mothers, mental health and fuckboys with pop songs. It references the ‘culture of the bedroom’ described by Angela McRobbie and Jenny Garber in their essay “Girls and subcultures”, where they explain that teenage girls are culturally educated to “protect” themselves by prioritizing time spent in the domestic space rather than outside. Their bedroom becomes the place these girls can inhabit in the safety of the intimate worlds they create with their computers, televisions, smartphones, books…

Loïs Soleil

Loïs Soleil is a French-Scottish artist who draws on net.art, pop culture and cultural studies. Her performances, gifs, installations and poems are about raw, direct autobiography and the emotional and digital vulnerability of their “hyper intimacy”.

Her practice addresses voyeurism, male vs. female gaze and (cyber)feminist themes, playing with the codes and culture of the internet, the self-portrait, the bedroom and intimacy.

Currently living in Brussels, Loïs Soleil has studied art internationally: at Leeds University, Ensba Lyon and the École de recherche graphique (erg). Her work has been exhibited in several places and events such as Cultuurcentrum Strombeek/Gent, LaVallée, VIDEOFORMES, n0dine, See U, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, Kunsthalle Pompei, Livre parlés, Domestic de Word of Warning etc.



2022/09/101715 10.09.2022
17:15 > 23:30
Studio Thor, Brussels

Performance carried out 9 times for small groups, at irregular intervals, reservations on site.


Since several years, visual arts schools in French-Speaking Belgium dedicate part of their curriculum to live art: a response to the new dynamics of these practices in the professional field. One can see new generations of artists appearing, taking over the Belgian and international scenes of performance art, with individual or collective works, multiplying collaborations… They don’t make performance art like their elders, they invent new forms, which need new showing spaces.


A project of ENSAV-La Cambre, in partnership with erg and in corealisation with Studio Thor. Thanks to the suggestions from Le 75, ARBA/ESA (ISAC), ARTS², Beaux-Arts de Liège, Académie Beaux-Arts Tournai. With the support of KANAL – Centre Pompidou, the Wallonia-Brussels Center (Paris), FiPA-ESA (Financing of artistic projects in Higher Artistic Education schools), the Ministry of Higher Education of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation an of the Embassy of Spain in Belgium.


(Pas si) Fragile!, the next performance art generation, the biennial which focuses on young artists involved in performance art, is back in autumn 2022, in a specific form.

In Presence

Three major women performance artists from abroad: Esther Ferrer (ES/FR), Vivian Chinasa Ezugha (NG/UK) and Kubra Khademi (AF/FR). They will present their practices in the framework of a public encounter, will perform personal works, will mentor a dozen of selected young artists, and will give workshops.

Ten performances made by young artists about to leave or recently graduated from art schools: Igor Adamskiy (Arts2), Hilal Aydogdu (Beaux-Arts de Liège), Mejdi Dridi (Académie Beaux-Arts Tournai), Julia Droga (La Cambre – erg), Clyde Lepage (Le 75 – erg), Benjamin Muzart (La Cambre), Dounia Dolbec and David Ramalho (La Cambre), Alexane Sanchez (Saint-Luc – La Cambre), Milø Slayers (ARBA-ESA (ISAC), Loïs Soleil (erg).

Box Office

Booking: info@thor.be

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Free Entrance


Specific booking

Attention some performances have limited capacity. They need to be booked on the spot.


ENSAV-La Cambre, 21 Abbaye de la Cambre, 1050 Brussels

erg, rue du Page 87, 1050 Brussels

Studio Thor, 49 rue Saint-Josse, 1210 Brussels


Workshop registrations

Your participation in Kubra Khademi or Vivian Chinasa Ezugha’s workshops requires a registration.

To apply: please send a motivation letter and a link to a performance video to production@thor.be before 1/09/2022.


+32 (0)2 223 26 00