Although performed first, ICE is theoretically the final part of V.-Nightmares, a four-part evocation of the seasons based upon Vivaldi’s eponymous concertos.


When the polyptych is presented in its entirety, it is spring that first proclaims itself with Fluid Mechanics, in which nature and the human body alike find themselves in a state of effervescence. This is followed by Tan, smouldering summer, and Moss&Mold, autumn’s decay, and ultimately ICE culminates the seasonal trajectory with winter’s deadly bite and agony.

For this large-scale production, Thierry Smits intentionally plunges into the world of multimedia performance-installations, intensifying his use of screens, projections, lighting, sound and props on stage, as diverse as they are unexpected, but which all punctuate a certain idea of the seasons in all their metaphorical potential with human life that is born, flourishes, withers and dies.

Presaging death, ICE transports us into winter’s cold, silent and painful world. The performers’ bodies enter a form of inertia reflected both in the snow’s whiteness and the blackness that foreshadows the ultimate engulfment, the blackout. The ice that imprisons and freezes life’s impulses illustrates the muscles’ rigidity, giving rise to a preview of embalmment. The piece’s most dramatically intense moment, however, is the agony expressed in the performance by the dancer dressed all in white: her desperate movements are constantly interrupted and her body progressively smeared by the other performers whose hands covered are with thick, sticky, black tar in their attempts attack and annihilate her.



Although performed first, ICE is theoretically the final part of V.-Nightmares, a four-part evocation of the seasons based upon Vivaldi’s eponymous concertos.


2020/02/22 22 > 24.02.2020 Théâtre de la Balsamine Brussels
2020/03/01 01.03.2020 Lantaren/Venster Rotterdam (NL)
2020/03/03 03 > 04.03.2020 Ludwig Forum Aachen (DE)
2020/05/09 09.05.2020 CC Evergem Evergem
2020/05/15 15.05.2020 Théâtre Het Vervolg/Derlontheater Maastricht (NL)
2020/11/06 06 > 21.11.2020 Kaaitheater Brussels
2020/12/15 15.12.2020 De Velinx Tongres
2020/01/08 08.01.2020 Stadsschouwburg Groningen (NL)
2020/01/12 12.01.2020 CC de Meent Beersel
2020/02/17 17 > 18.02.2020 Musiekteater Baltoppen Ballerup (DK)
2020/02/22 22 > 23.02.2020 New Territories Glasgow (UK)
2020/06/02 02 > 03.06.2020 International Dance Week Festival Zagreb (CRO)
2020/08/29 29.08.2020 Tanzmesse Düsseldorf Düsseldorf (DE)
2020/12/09 09.12.2020 Théâtre Varia Brussels
2020/12/19 19 > 20.12.2020 Théâtre de la Place Liège
2020/01/23 23.01.2020 CC Berchem Anvers
2020/01/31 31.01.2020 Les Ecuries Charleroi
2020/03/07 07.03.2020 Kortrijkseschouburg Courtrai
2020/05/27 27.05.2020 Arnhemseschouwburg Arnhem (NL)


— Chorégraphie

Thierry Smits

— Danseurs

Benjamin Bac, Lucius Romeo-Fromm, Michael Sears, Erica Trivett

— Autres danseurs en tournée

Ludvig Daae, Gabriella Iacono, Nitay Lehrer

— Décor sonore et composition

Maxime Bodson

— Musique

Antonio Vivaldi, Les Quatre Saisons


— Scénographie et accessoires

Peter Maschke

— Dramaturgie et images

Jacques André

— Eclairages et coordination technique

Thomas Beni

— Création costumes

Olivier Bériot

— Assistants costumes

Luc Gering, Samira Benali


— Déléguée de production

Iris Oehrle

— Communication

Frederic Bourgeois

— Production

Compagnie Thor

— Avec l’aide du

Kaaitheater, Théâtre de la Balsamine, CNCDC Châteauvallon

— Avec le soutien du

Ministère de la Communauté française de Belgique, Service de la Danse; Commissariat général aux Relations internationales de la Communauté française de Belgique



V.-Nightmares / ICE - Trailer