During their lifetimes, two poets make a bequest: an unfinished work that they will not allow anyone else to continue. (Not only) literary friendship goes hand-in-hand with the virtuosity of verbal expression… between emotion and self-mockery.

Sebastian Dicenaire & Vincent Tholomé (BE)

Sebastian Dicenaire is a French performer, born in Alsace. After studying philosophy, he shifted to cinema, which he studied at the Beaux-Arts de Genève. It was during this period he discovered sound poetry, before settling permanently in Brussels in the 2000s. He has published several poetry collections (Döner-kebab, ed. Héros-Limite; Dernières Nouvelles de l’Avenir, ed. Atelier de l’agneau), and has given numerous readings-performances across the French-speaking world. His performances are marked by the preponderance of orality and sound, and often accompanied by cobbled-together soundtracks, triggered by a sampler, creating a veritable “cinema for the ear.” He decided to switch from sound poetry to sound fiction by adapting his text Personnologue for the RTBF in 2009. Ever since, audio writing has become his primary mode of expression and his sound fictions have received several awards from numerous festivals (Europa Berlin 2011; Prix Phonurgia Nova 2016; Prix SGDL 2018…). Recently, his audio series of technological-mythical foresights around dreams or memory have garnered the attention of large-scale radio groups (France Culture 2018, RTS 2020).

Vincent Tholomé is of Belgian origin. He describes himself, inter alia,  as a poet, performer, author, workshop leader, ex-reviewer, and ex-member of the ex-Big Band of Littératures Féroces. By dint of his involvement in multiple projects, with multiple partners, in solo, duos, trios, or large-scale collectives, he has multiplied his encounters and adventures. His work stands at the crossroads of sound and verbal improvisations, mixing poetry and fiction, oral languages and the ancient story-telling art of racontouze. Author of some fifteen books, including Kirkjubaejarklaustur (2009) and Cavalcade (2012) published by Le Clou dans le Fer, and VUAZ (2013) by Maelström, he received the FWB Triennial Poetry Prize from 2011-2014 The John Cage Experience: 8 solos, duets ou trios (avec choses). He was a member of the sono-verbal quartet (KWAD), and collaborated with Marc Perrin on the duet Notre affaire commune, with Xavier Dubois on the duet Kaapshlimurslis, and with Maja Jantar and Sébastien Dicenaire on the Trio WYRD. His publications are available online or in print magazines; he also runs writing workshops in schools and workshops for the magazine Indications.



2021/07/081900 08.07.2021
Eglise du Gesú, Brussels

This performance is on the same day and at the same place than the performance Duo pour 5 guitares et 5 amplis. To purchase a “pack” ticket to the beneficious price of 7,50€, click here.

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TROUBLE #12 : 18 > 22/04/2023

One plus one equals much more than two.

The 2021 Festival has adopted this equation, the magnitude of which has been shown to us– by default­– through lockdowns and forced social distancing, and made of it its heart: by placing itself under the sign of the double, by bringing together proposals for pairs/duos/couples, made by artists regularly working together, or by those momentarily reunited––or by showing pieces that depend upon the contribution of the other-spectator. While performance art is more often than not one of the solitary individual, our aim with this festival is to show how an encounter with the other generates far more than the simple addition of two values, in order to create a new one.


In partnership with: KANAL – Centre Pompidou, Mahmoud Darwich Chair / BOZAR, Atelier de création sonore radiophonique, ENSAV – La Cambre, Lucille Calmel / l’animal que donc je suis (Research project FRArt – FNRS), Ateliers Mommen, PointCulture Bruxelles, GC Ten Noey, Musée Charlier, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles à Paris, Calame, Fabrik, le Septantecinq, Amazone, SNCB. Special projects support: Finnish Cultural Institute, Institut français (dans le cadre de EXTRA, un programme de l’Ambassade de France), Scotland House.



The Performance Event in Brussels is Back!

Launched in 2005, TROUBLE has ever since been the international performance event in Brussels. As of 2019, Studio Thor has been organising and producing the Festival, with its studio and environs in the heart of the city’s popular commune of Saint-Josse serving as its nerve centre. TROUBLE is held every two years, in the odd years.



Trouble: philosophy

TROUBLE has retained the ingredients that ensured its previous successes. With its dense and wide-ranging program, the five-day long event focuses on numerous artistic proposals that are both out-of-the-ordinary and differ from routine formats. Performances involving the human body, yet created by artists whose roots are in the visual arts, contemporary dance, experimental theatre, oral poetry, music or the night scene… for a vibrant mix of artistic families and audiences. Instead of spectacle/s meant for mere consumption, real-life experiences are on offer: self-involvement, risk-taking, vulnerability, interactivity, finely balanced between local personalities and artists from elsewhere–– and often discoveries. To ensure a more diverse vision of art, our program gives pride of place to women, queers, racialized and minority groups. We also offer a platform to young artists, thanks to the collaboration with the performance course at Brussels’s renowned visual arts school La Cambre (ENSAV). While the Festival incorporates a demanding reflective aspect, it by no means excludes an engaging playful dimension!

Box Office

Given the limited slots due to the sanitary condition, a reservation is obligatory for each performance. Booking is accessible from every performance page, or here, starting from the 21st June 2021.


Festival pass: 40€ (30€ for students, -25 years old, unemployed). The festival pass gives you access to all the festival’s performances. Access to the booking here. 

1 Day pass: 10€ (for students, -25 years old, unemployed). The 1 Day pass gives you access to all the performances of the day you selected. Access to the booking here. 

Price per performance: 5€ via the dedicated performance page

Free price for the selection FRAGILE, A Different North, Commémorations Préventives and Playing Adults. 

Some performances happen on the same day, at the same place, and are following eachother. If you would like to attend both performances, you can purchase a “pack” to a beneficial price. This fee applies to the duos of performances Je t’ai laissé m’envoler/Pockets (on the 7th july); Duo pour 5 guitares et 5 amplis/Héritages (on the 8th july), Tendresse Radicale Le coucher/Le lever (on the 9th and 10th july) and Carriage/Bearance/Severance (on the 07th, 10th and 11th july). Access to the booking here.

Specific reservations

Some propositions (Identité drapée, Recolage) require individual meetings and reservations. Booking is accessible via http://www.agenda.brussels, starting from 21st June 2021.



Studio Thor

49 Rue Saint-Josse, B-1210 Brussels

STIB: subway 2/6 (Madou), bus 29/63/59 (Saint-Josse), bus 57 (Gutenberg)

Villo: Place Saint-Josse station

Bicycle: thanks for attaching your bikes place Saint-Josse.

Studio Thor is the Trouble festival centre.




+32 (0)2 223 26 00


Ancien musée de Bruxelles-Nord, grand hall de Bruxelles-Nord, 1210 Brussels

Eglise du Gesú, rue Royale 165, 1210 Brussels

GC Ten Noey, rue de la Commune 25, 1210 Brussels

Infini Théâtre rue Saint-Josse 49, 1210 Brussels

KANAL – Centre Pompidou, Square Sainctelette 21, 1000 Brussels

Maison Amazone, rue du Méridien 10, 1210 Brussels

Musée Charlier, Avenue des Arts 16, 1210 Brussels

nhow Brussels Bloom, Rue Royale 250, 1210 Brussels

Parc Josaphat (Music Kiosk), 1030 Brussels (on the side of the Allée des Azalées, between the Rue Fontaine d’Amour and the Rue des Pâquerettes)

Parc Liedekerke, rue Saint-Josse 54/64, 1210 Brussels

Point Culture, rue Royale 145, 1000 Brussels

Salle Sapiens, rue du Mérinos 1, 1210 Brussels

Salons Mommen, rue de la Charité 37, 1210 Brussels

Studio Thor, rue Saint-Josse 49, 1210 Brussels


See the map of the festival’s places. 

COVID - 19

– Wearing a mask is mandatory

– Respect the minimum distance of 1m50, and avoid physical contacts

– Possibility on each place to disinfect your hands with hydroalcoolic gel

– If you have symptoms, are sick, or have been in contact with someone sick, thanks for staying at home.

– Respect in each place the signs and the direction of circulation

– The spaces will all be ventilated and disinfected before your entrance by our means

– If you want more informations, please check it here : https://www.info-coronavirus.be/fr/faq/

Last updated on the 08/06/21

COVID contact: Brahim Sahli, intendance@thor.be