The Californian body-artist, who has survived the AIDS crisis not without scars, combined in a recently created play in New York texts by Georges Bataille, the scandalous French writer, Brian Gysin, the beat poet, and figures of headless men: Hitler, the Minotaur, and Louis XVI of France. Camp and flamboyant.

Ron Athey (US)

Ron Athey, born in Connecticut but lived mainly in Los Angeles and in the United Kingdom, is an iconic figure in the contemporary art and performance scene. In his deliberately bloody portrayals of life, death, crisis, and fortitude in the age of AIDS, Athey questions the limits of artistic practice. These limits enable the artist to explore key themes such as gender, sexuality, extreme sex, queer activism, postpunk and industrial culture, tattooing and body modifications, ritual, religion… Notable performances in his career that began in the 1980s, Trilogy Torture (1992-1996), Solar Anus (1999), Judas Cradle (2004-2005), Incorruptible Flesh (Messianic Remains) (2013).


2019/05/032000 03.05.2019
Studio Thor, Brussels

Concept and performance: Ron Athey. Director (at the creation stage): Sean Griffin. Sound design: Opera Povera. Art direction, mask and heads: Hermes Pittakos. Wigs: Christian Warren Landon, aka The Wig Daddy. Videoography: Graham Kolbeins. Lighting design: Antigona Gonzalez. Video creation : Robin A. Ediger-Seto. A commission  from Performance Space (New York). A co-presentation of Studio Thor and Bozar for the Trouble #10 festival.


Festival pass : 35€
1 Day pass: 15€ (12€ for students, -25 years old)
Booking only via starting from the 28th March.


In partnership with: BOZAR Performing Arts, ENSAV-La Cambre, Infini Théâtre, Master en arts du spectacle vivant de l’ULB, Radio Panik, Ten Noey, Unité pastorale Les Coteaux, Lycée Guy Cudell, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles/Promotion de Bruxelles, Service public francophone bruxellois, Wallonie-Bruxelles International, Commune de Saint-Josse,


The performance get-together in Brussels is back!

After nine editions in different places and a hiatus lasting several years, the festival re-surfaces, this time in a more user-friendly format, where henceforth the Thor Studio will be its epicenter.


For its tenth edition – and the first in this new context – TROUBLE is named “redux” (from the latin term which means the identical restauration, but also the return, what comes back). Numerous works question the re-living (a moment), the re-doing (an action), the re-starting, and the renewal : ideas that seem opposed to what we think of performative art. We’ll see the contrary through all twenty-two performances, with artists coming from far away (such as the californian body artist Ron Athey or the feminist afghan Kubra Khademi), but also with emblematic belgian performers such as Gwendolin Robin or Claude Cattelain. Several propositions will be musical or festive. TROUBLE will also ride on the Radio Panik waves, pass through the audacity of young artists from La Cambre, or take some time for reflectional, philosophical and critical moments. The festival will strongly be part of his neighbourhood, particularly in his close surroudings, from a school’s yard to a church crypt, from a mysterious alley to the Saint-Josse square… With several propositions for a limited number of publics, the first arrived will be the best served. A journey with multiple possible ways, thought by the curator Antoine Pickels, to be living for an evening, a day, a week-end or for a four days immersion.


Box Office

Booking only via starting from the 28th March.


Festival Pass: 35€

1 Day Pass: 15€ (12€ for students, -25 years old)

Specific reservations

Some propositions have – very – limited slots. Those ones, following your ticket booking, require a reservation with our team at, or at +32 (0)2 223 26 00.



Studio Thor, rue Saint-Josse 49, 1210 Brussels

Stib: métro 2/6 (Madou), bus 29/63/59 (Saint-Josse), bus 57 (Gutenberg) Villo: station Place Saint-Josse. Bycicles: thanks for attaching your bikes on the Saint-Josse square.


The ticket office is at Studio Thor. You can come here to withdraw your bracelets.

The majority of the artistic propositions take place at Studio Thor. The other ones are located in a 5 minutes walk radius: the Church’s crypt, the Guy Cudell Highschool’s yard, salle Sapiens… A Trouble agent will guide you.

A systematic control of the bracelets is made at the entrance.



+32 (0)2 223 26 00

Trouble #11 © Stanislav Dobak