Inspired by the Muharram ceremony, a collective ritual performed by M-A Collective.

The Mourning of Muharram ceremony commemorates the martyrdom of Imam Hussain ibn Ali, grandson of Prophet Muhammad, at the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD. This Muslim religious celebration uses self-flagellation, a practice of whipping one’s body with chains, or beating it knives or other sharp objects in a bid to express the pain and sorrow felt at the loss of Imam Hussein.

Kimia Nasirian (IR)

For their performance, Iranian women use self-flagellation to criticize traditions and the absence of the female body in religious ceremonies. For a full two hours, twenty-two minutes and twenty-two seconds, the artists will create chains (Zanjir) and prepare costumes for the ensuing collective ritual. We will see traces of where the chains strike their bodies and we will hear the sound generated by these gestures.

Born in 1996 in Tehran, Kimia Nasirian currently lives in Brussels and studies at La Cambre (sculpture). Her multidisciplinary works – installation, performance, sculpture, video, sound – are imbued with memories, nostalgia and individual mythology. Drawing on personal and collective narratives, Nasirian probes the functionalities of human memory in political and social movements by using documentary photo archives and religious rituals. Kimia Nasirian is also part of the international Erasmus+ project Performing Identity initiated by the Cambre.

M-A Collective brings together a diverse group of Iranian artists based in Belgium, each with their individual approach, but yet all driven by a shared experience and a deep need to express themselves. The initials “M-A” refer directly to those of Mahsa/Jina Amini, victims of the latest wave of repression in Iran. Through its performances, the collective invites people to witness lives that have been taken, innocent blood that has been spilled, and to explore the value of human life in the face of adversity.


VIDEO (Camille Meynard)

Salome Martin, “Kimia Nasirian Crew performance : « Nous, chaque fragment d’être »”, dans Culturius, 10/11/2022.


2023/04/221422 22.04.2023
14:22 > 16:44
Maison des Arts, Brussels

A lengthy performance (2 hours, 22 minutes, 22 seconds)

Entries and exits are possible.

As part of Fragile! – the section of the festival devoted to young artists students from ENSAV – La Cambre.

Trouble #12 « It’s about time » 

Trouble #12, « It’s about time » : it’s the question of time (and especially the time we allow for ourselves, that we give to relationships and to works so that they can resonate) that will be at the heart of the Brussels biennial of performance. To survey notions of historical time, stolen time, out-of-time, time loops, generational differences, protracted periods … or on the contrary, very brief moments. Are you losing your bearings? It is high time that Trouble comes back to trouble you!


Full programme


In partnership with KANAL – Centre Pompidou, Charleroi danse, La Balsamine, Maison des Arts, ENSAV – La Cambre, Halles de Schaerbeek, GC Ten Noey, Ateliers Mommen, Fondations 312, ESA Le 75, W-B T/D, Calame, Femma, Wiegwijs, Radio Panik, Institut européen de la culture arabe and Infini théâtre.

With the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (Service de la danse, Service des arts plastiques and Promotion de Bruxelles), Creative Europe programme of the European Union (project « Time For Live Art »), Commission communautaire française, Région de Bruxelles-capitale (Image de Bruxelles), City of Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Wallonie-Bruxelles International, Embassy of Canada, Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands, Performing Arts Fund NL, Pro Helvetia, ENSAV – La Cambre.


The Performance Event in Brussels is Back!

Launched in 2005, TROUBLE has ever since been the international performance event in Brussels. As of 2019, Studio Thor has been organising and producing the Festival, with its studio and environs in the heart of the city’s popular commune of Saint-Josse serving as its nerve centre. TROUBLE is held every two years, in the odd years.

Trouble: philosophy

TROUBLE has retained the ingredients that ensured its previous successes. With its dense and wide-ranging program, the five-day long event focuses on numerous artistic proposals that are both out-of-the-ordinary and differ from routine formats. Performances involving the human body, yet created by artists whose roots are in the visual arts, contemporary dance, experimental theatre, oral poetry, music or the night scene… for a vibrant mix of artistic families and audiences. Instead of spectacle/s meant for mere consumption, real-life experiences are on offer: self-involvement, risk-taking, vulnerability, interactivity, finely balanced between local personalities and artists from elsewhere–– and often discoveries. To ensure a more diverse vision of art, our program gives pride of place to women, queers, racialized and minority groups. We also offer a platform to young artists, thanks to the collaboration with the performance course at Brussels’s renowned visual arts school La Cambre (ENSAV). While the Festival incorporates a demanding reflective aspect, it by no means excludes an engaging playful dimension!


Box Office


  • 4-day pass: 30 > 60€ (full price: 40€)
  • 1-day pass: 8 > 21€ (full price: 12€)
  • 1 performance: 5 > 10€ (full price: 8€)
  • 1 performance – free price: 0 > 15€ (full price: 8€)


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Le Studio Thor est le centre du festival Trouble.



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